About Me

Fun facts

  • Imma short for immacolata, Italian for pure, immaculate.
  • My Name day is December 8 and is celebrated in Italy as a national holiday
  • Greatest asset, my hair-although the greys are fierce
  • Born in Toronto, Italian descent. Both parents born in Matera, Italy
  • I have my M5 (motorcycle) license
  • I’m the oldest of 4 siblings
  • For my relaxing honeymoon: we visited 6 countries in Asia and took over over 10 flights.
    Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan
  • I Studied fashion marketing in Paris
  • I’m in my 40’s and still get acne
  • Worked as a makeup artist at club Monaco and weddings on weekends
  • Favourite colour WHITE
  • Favourite designer house Gucci & Saint Laurent
  • Love magazines
  • Favourite drink Champagne
  • I speak English, French and Italian.